Grounded Coffee Shop

About Grounded Coffee Shop

By imaginatively painting and remodeling a stark office space--much of it by their own labor—Candy and Wil have created a delightful shop that combines American lightness, airiness and cheerful color with touches of France in its country style decor--white wooden bookcases with fanciful paintings of roosters and flowers, pastel pottery flower vases on the tables, weather-beaten wooden window frames as wall hangings. And the walls! Totally enchanting. Each is a different vivid color--orange, lime green, purple and blue with handsome posters. There's a snug sofa and fireplace area, a toy train table layout for children in the corner and a window from the shop into the kitchen, so customers can see their pastries being made. And, of course, it is the pastries, breads, sandwiches and salads that are the main attraction. With not one, but two pastry chefs in charge, the goodies that are offered can break the strongest will power--a variety of croissants (chocolate, ham and cheese, almond, spinach and feta, plain) fresh fruit tarts, mini bundt cakes, lemon bars, and, naturally, the traditional French pear and apple tarts and eclairs. And my personal favorite, moist and dense carrot bread. The Briffas pride themselves on their 100% fruit smoothies and their organic and fair trade coffees.